Project Description


Bumble Bees Tots Clothing is a gorgeous children’s boutique clothing store in the Somerset village of Wedmore. Tracey the owner, approached us to help her build a new website for the store as well as create a Google Business presence & integrate Facebook & Instagram Social Media platforms.


Bumble Bees Tots Clothing is based in the same village as our design studio, so we were able to do most of our requirements gathering in person as well as visiting Tracey at the shop to take photos & gather the content we needed.

As with every website we thought about creating a theme for the shop with the obvious emphasis being based around Bumble Bee phrases & colouration. We knew we wanted bright , punchy colours & for the appearance to be vibrant & fun, as well as capturing stock, internal &  external images.


Tracey and ourselves were really happy with the end result and we felt we captured exactly the image we were aiming for.

The Process

We worked Bumble Bees Tots Clothing and helped them through the whole process, which included:

Visit Bumble Bees Tots Clothing Website
Bumble Bees Tots Clothing Screen