Project Description


Steve and Kathy came to us as they were in need of a brand new website for their lovely campsite at Orchard Farm, near Glastonbury.


Once we had completed our initial requirements gathering stage, we started the design. Our thoughts were to think about structure, flow, palette, content and any additional add ons. Steve and Kathy had some examples of some websites they liked, along with some specific requirements they wanted to include, such as the integration with their existing third party booking systems.


Once we had completed the first design of the website, we were in close communication with Steve & Kathy to gather feedback, which not only enabled us to get valid pointers ensuring we were all moving in the same direction, but also allowed them to be part of the decision making and to watch their website come to life which was great. Steve & Kathy were really happy with the end result, as were we.

We always approach our website design in this way to make sure the client is always happy 100% of the time.

The Process

Orchard Farm Campsite had a very specific requirement and we managed to meet their expectations:

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