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Factory Manager – MJK Automation


MJK Automation is a Manufacturing Consultancy that develops industrial control & IT systems for process industries, with competencies in PLC, HMI, and SCADA.

The Problem

MJK Automation had the idea for Factory Manager having spent time in the industry and understanding issues with multiple manufacturing systems only being able to do certain jobs and not others.

MJK discovered that there are usually many (costly) systems in place, all built by different solution providers, meaning these systems do not communicate as well as they should and therefore end up costing the business due to multiple subscriptions and time wasted, alongside multiple processes not being tracked.


The Solution

MJK approached Hubudio needing help with the design and architecture of the system, having some technical development knowledge but needing help getting a concept in mind and building on that.

Our Architecture Consultants created the initial solution for a cloud-based system that could be connected to client process PLCs to visualise and store time-series data modules for various tasks. The system was to be designed so that an infinite number of modules could be added to the system over time as desired.

Once the system was architected we provided a handover and MJK continued the development in-house.

The system can be viewed here – 

Matt (Managing Director) of MJK wrote a reference for us off the back of his company experience shown below –

“Having used Hubudio for a mixed-bag of small projects including animation and consultancy, can highly recommend to anyone seeking a technology-based solution. Jodie is always keen to go the extra mile and has a good network of experts on-side to deliver most projects. Will certainly be maintaining a business relationship going forwards.”


Company: MJK Automation

Services Used: Software & System Architecture, DevOps, Full-Stack Development, Animation for Art Work & Graphics

Duration: 12 Months

Budget: N/A

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